Mundaka Privèe

Take a Look at this video…

It’s an amazing view of one of my favourite spot ever.

Is not common at all to taste that tube riding, maybe not for the skill that you should have to ride that wave, but because the locals are not really welcoming with strangers up there in Mundaka


8 BIT Summer LoVe !

Still riding Since 1984…

That’s what i want!

A friend of mine just sent me this amazing picture that i want to share with you.

You can’t imagine, guys, how much i want to be there right now!

Straccetti Time

I know its been a while since i wrote last time.

I didn’t had much time lately but there’s something i still want to talk about.

Here in italy we have plenty of extraordinary things to do to enjoy our free time.

But sometimes you have to work or study harder than usual…even during the weekend…even if you really would like to go out and swim in a flat sea…you have to stay home.

Fortunately i had the best company ever to enjoy that week end.

My girlfriend was in the same situation as me so we kinda robbed the grocery store to arrange a warm lunch!

So ladies and gentlemen i’m about to introduce you

Straccetti ai funghi (with mushrooms)

Ingredients (2 serves)

200g of beef cut into thin slices

1garlic clove

1tbs olive oil

1tbs(tablespoon) butter

1/2 glass of wine

1glass of water

Flour 1cup

200g of frozen mixed mushrooms



take a frying pan

let a garlic clove become brown in 2tbs of olive oil then add the frozen mushrooms,one glass of water and 1/2tbs of salt and cook for at least 15minutes.

when the mushrooms are ready they will be soft and creamy. put them in a bowl

Cut the beef into slices about 3 cm long and cover them with flour.

roast the sliced beef in pre heated butter.

When the beef slices gets little crusty and brown

add the mushrooms,half glass of wine and stir the beef.

stir everything until the sauce becomes creamy.

right now you just have to taste that super simple recipe

That will keep your day up if you’re stucked home like i was

See you soon guys

Who’s Gonna Win?

I’m a Jack’s supporter

Trading alla Siciliana

This time i want to talk about one of those surf trip that you decide to take even if your budget doesn’t even allow you to think about traveling.

Sometimes the will of surfing is so strong that you don’t think about the consequences of being far from home without money in your pocket. That’s what me and Giacomo did in august 2007 when we decided to go back to our beloved Basque Country to spend ten wild days before reach our girlfriends in two different locations.

As usual we packed our car with so much stuff that it seemed like we robbed a Wal-Mart warehouse…stuff pretty much useless if you have to spend only ten days


Anyway that’s why we insist so much with the Basque Country

It’s still a 16-hours drive but definitely worth it and i think that this picture doesn’t need comments.

After the all day spent in the water we would have sold our bodies

in order to have a place to sleep.

Only because we wasn’t ready for a huge step like this we decided to trade

a dinner for a bed…

Our host was a guy named Alan that seemed pretty interested in our

Pasta alla Siciliana and in case you will need to find a roof over your head you

could use this recipe

Pasta Alla Siciliana

Ingredients for 4 serves

500g maccaroni
500g eggplant chopped in cubes
500g tomatoes chopped in cubes
150g mozzarella chopped in cubes
4 basil leaves
1 garlic clove
salt to taste
olive oil


bring a large pot of water to boil and add salt
add sufficient olive oil in a
large frying pan
fry the eggplant cubes
carefully turning each one
untill they are nice and
browned on both sides.
drain the cubes on paper towels
Add the pasta to the water
and cook.
heat 2tbs of olive oil in a large skillet and
add garlic clove and remove it when it turn golden brown
add tomatoes and salt to taste and let cook for 10 minutes with high flame till they almost melt in a sauce
then add the eggplant
drain well the pasta and add the sauce, 4 leaves of basil chopped and mozzarella
mix everything well and taste the best Pasta alla siciliana you ever tasted.
Hope you will enjoy this recipe because we really did that night!
See you soon guys

Barrels and Fresella

Barrels and Fresella

I know it wont be easy to match every surf trip with a good recipe
but so far so good.

June 2007 southern Italy.
My friend Giacomo and me took all our boyscout-style stuff and left our city life behind
to take a few day break in the south af an Italian region named Campania.
There are plenty of surf spot on the italian west coast travelling from Rome pointing north.
Most of them are pretty crowded but if you compare them with a world-class spot they really seems deserts.
Anyway further south you go more chance you have to find a really “nobody in the water-spot”.

And that’s what we found, just me and him in a sunny day of june.

I’m sure that this isn’t the biggest wave you’ve ever seen but it was a long clean and hollow ride all for ourselves…we were like kids in a candy store.

But what you gonna eat for lunch if you’re in Italy in a hot summer and you’re planning to spend the afternoon paddling against stream and waves?

I’m about to introduce you the:


Ingredients for 2 serves tomatoes
fresella (italian crisp bread that can be replaced by a baked bagel)
2 small canned tuna can (80 g each)
10 green and black olives
olive oil 2 tbs
basil 4 leaves
salt to taste

Chop the tomatoes and the basil and mix all the ingredients except the fresella in a bowl
dispose the mix on the “fresella” and taste it.
You can improve the recipe adding onions,anchovies or thin slices of mozzarella cheese.

Nothing fits best than a fresella if you don’t wand to drown during your afternoon session!

See you next time guys.